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Take your Beaver Builder website to the next level. Design custom headers, footers, archive pages, single pages/posts & much more with simple drag’n’drop options.


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Create fully customized layouts for blogs archivrs, post types, WooCommerce products, search pages, 404 pages, header & footer and more...

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Build Better Beaver Builder Websites With Xpro Beaver Themer

Our premium addon is developed exclusively for Beaver Builder. The best part - it comes with front-end editing & no shortcode BS. See the comparison chart!

Features beaver
Beaver Themer
Header Footer Builder
Header Footer Builder
Xpro Theme Builder
Frontend Editing
Create Header
Create Footer
Add unique Header on specific page or post
Add Unique footer on specific page or post
Add Custom Blocks By Using Shortcods
Create post category template for unique post categories
Create product category template for unique categories
Create post detail page for unique posts
Create product detail page for unique products
Create search results templates
Create tags templates
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Dynamic Features To Streamline
Your Workflow

Take a deep dive into each component of your website and design every part with our live front-end dashboard. It's surprisingly easy & time-saving!

Fully Customize Websites

Design custom headers, footers, single post/page, archive, custom blocks, and even WooCommerce product pages, no shortcode needed.

Modify Theme Templates

Create custom layouts for your blog archives, post types, WooCommerce products & categories, search page, 404 pages, and more.

Build WooCommerce Pages

Get more creative with your WooCommerce store by modifying the layouts, building custom product pages, and much more.

Bridge The Gap Between
Your Vision & Your Website

A complete Omni solution for your Beaver Builder websites. Multiply your growth by easily managing all touchpoints of your website.


Get Your Theme Builder FREE!

Create fully customized layouts for blogs archivrs, post types, WooCommerce products, search pages, 404 pages, header & footer and more...

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Usually $99

Meet Your New Super Power

Escape the editing trauma of the WP dashboard and design your Beaver Builder websites the way professionals do (on the fly).

Single Post

Single Page Post

Build attractive single product pages and customize single post detail pages without writing any shortcode. No more going back to the messy WP dashboard, now customize your page/post on the fly using our front-end editor!

WooCommerce integration

Pick display locations

Create attractive designs on the go

Assign custom user roles and much more

xpro-theme-builder-singular gif


Elevate your category page experience with full control over how each category page gets displayed. Create custom layouts for individual category pages (post & WooCommerce), blog archives, search pages, 404 pages, and much more.

Create unique category pages for individual categories

Customize WooCommerce store layout

Pick display locations

Custom layouts for search results

xpro-theme-builder-archive gif


Display a fully customized header on a unique page or anywhere on the website. Design your perfect header on the spot using our powerful front-end editor.

Design custom sticky header

Design unique header for home and inner pages

Add header in specific category or page

Create header using any module in Beaver Builder

xpro-theme-builder-header gif


The most advanced way of showcasing custom footers for home and individual pages. Design footers for your Beaver Builder websites on the fly using drag-and-drop front-end editor!

Unique footer for homepage and inner pages

Add footer in a specific page or category

Create custom footers using any module in Beaver Builder

xpro-theme-builder-footer gif
Custom Block

Custom Block

Giving you the freedom to fully customize layouts. Get a shortcode for any custom block you create and paste it anywhere on the website to get a custom block on the go!

Create a section and use it anywhere on the website

Re-use your custom block using shortcode

Custom users display roles (author, editor, subscriber, moderator, etc.)

Set display conditions

xpro-theme-builder-cb gif

Take Full Control Of Your Website

No section is off the limits. Xpro Beaver Themer gives you complete design freedom over every essential component of your website.


Design custom sticky headers or assign unique headers to specific pages with simple drag’n’drop options.


Design your perfect footers and assign them to individual pages or a specific category. It's super easy.

Singular Page

Design and position each part of your product or post page. Pick display locations, assign user roles, and more.

Custom Block

Design your site’s post, page, or archive layouts in a few seconds and use the global templates anywhere you like.


Design your main blog page the way you like. It's super easy to create sidebars or customize category pages of your store.

404 Page

Get more creative with your 404 page & offer a streamlined experience if your site visitors somehow land on the 404 page.

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