Xpro Addons

Most Powerful Features

Multi Layer Slider for Beaver Builder

Drag & Drop Slider

Create unique slides within minutes by using our simple drag-and-drop feature

Add Unlimited Slides

Enjoy the perk of adding unlimited slides and showcase your products/services the way you want

Add Unlimited Layers

Create unlimited layers to align maximum content in an organized and attractive way

Adjust Slide Duration

Adjust the slides' on-screen duration as per your wish by adding time in “Time Duration” option & enjoy the autoplay feature of slides

Multiple Scroll Effects

Apply enticing scroll effects like the Fade effect, Blur effect, and Grayscale effect

Image Optimization

Optimize your images by compressing and resizing them in 2 simple clicks

Adjust Slides Positions

Position your slides as per your wishes. Visualize your content in the most aesthetic ways possible

Control Animation Speed

Control the speed and adjust the animation effect of your slides and run your slides however you prefer

Control Layer Position

You are given control of the positions of each layer. You can edit or change layers independently

20+ Slide Animations

You are offered dozens of styles of slide animation. Opt and apply the right options as per your desires

Navigation Arrows

Arrows can be On or Off to display on slides

Progress Bar

You can ENABLE or DISABLE the progress bar. If you enable it, running time will be shown on screen

Touch Options For Easy Usage

Avail the best touch options regarding arrows to use the slider on mobile or tablets in an easy way

Stylish Arrow Styles

Grab the classic, creative, and custom styles of arrows to display on multi-layer sliders

Add Customized Bullets

Bullets could be added as per your need in multiple styles, width, height, and much more

Front End Control

The slider can be edited from the Front-End Control Panel. You can make quick and desired changes within minutes

Dynamic Height

Slides of sliders have a dynamic height as per the need for web pages. The dynamic height will make your site superb

SEO Friendly

The slider is prepared following the best SEO practices. Our sliders ensure your project ranking among your competitors

On/Off Parallax

Opt the options of On or Off of parallax as per your need for a better & desired display

Lifetime Support and Updates

You will enjoy regular updates and support for life. We devise the latest and new features each year

Responsive Editing

Responsive editing is a mind-blowing feature of sliders. What you will edit will be friendly to users to see as per your defined settings. Make users’ experience better

Live Preview

The sliders help you to check changes as Preview before making any content live to avoid mistakes or blunders. Correct mistakes quickly


You can directly control and edit all standard text elements in the multi-layer sliders. Customize size, font, spacing, and much more following your needs

Available at Affordable Rates

The slider is available at highly affordable rates. You can save money by enjoying the extraordinary features of the slider

Fully Controlled

We give you full control over the designing patterns of each layer so you could make slides more stunning

Ensure Faster Speed

The backgrounds of the sliders speed up web pages that will be an awesome user experience

Color Management

Changing regarding color can be made and managed by the slider to make slides more beautiful

100+ Prebuilt Sliders

Get 100+ prebuilt sliders to choose the right one for making your web page more eye-popping

Layer Width & Position

Adjust margins of every layer by editing width and gaps

100% Responsive

Our plugin looks great on all devices. Swipe to navigate, spread/pinch to zoom in/out is supported on all modern touch devices

Multiple Layer Animations

Animation makes slides and web pages more amazing to view. So you can apply animation on each layer here for a better look

Background Color & Gradient

Background color glorifies the look of slides or web pages. So, you can apply custom background colors as well as gradients to slides

Pattern Background

You are given the best and amazing options of background pattern styles of slides to select such as Always Grey, 3 Pixel Tile, Black Lozenge, Cubes, and many more

Background Video

Background videos are perfect to grab attention. You can add videos with background motions

Enjoy Dozens Templates

You will find here beautifully crafted templates. You can choose the right once and add images, videos, content, and much more nicely

Style Each Layer

Style each layer of slide following your demand to make the slider more impressive

Zero Technical Skill Needed

Pick Any template from our 100+ sliders. Simply export it and change it to your wording and it's all Done! No need to have technical skills. Just Drag & Drop

Customized & Stylish Buttons

You can add stylish and customized buttons not only to make the web page appearance stunning but also to navigate visitors for the right and desired information

Text Animation

You can create a combination of beautiful text animations. Change the text colors, animation type and transitions like In animation, Out animation with customizable duration and delay.

No Backend. No Learning Curve. No Shortcode.

Experience The Most Powerful & Advanced

Multilayer Slider in The Market