Outstanding Features

Filterable Gallery for Beaver Builder

Multiple Gallery Layouts

Use our unique galleries like simple photo gallery, simple photo gallery with filters, Album photo gallery, and album photo gallery with filters.

Dynamic Content

View your images in an amazing gallery view. Add your content/images and display them dynamically across the whole website.

20+ Hover Styles

Find more than 20 hover effects to impress your site visitors. No other gallery out there offers that many hover effects

Drag & Drop Builder

Create an amazing video gallery within minutes by simply using our drag-and-drop builder

Color Overlay Style

Add overlay color, overlay icons with custom styling to your images

Gif Gallery

Create an amazing GIF gallery by applying multiple features and give a superb look to your videos

Custom Grids

Present your images in highly customizable grids and apply filters, hover effects, and color overlays to it

Gradient Background

Make the background of your videos more impressive with a gradient background

Gradient Background Overlay

Add custom opacity to your gallery backgrounds and enhance the overall user experience

50+ Stunning Sections

Get the benefit of our pre-built modern sections for your galleries. Just drag-and-drop your content to create highly engaging galleries.

Multiple Filters Styles

Create dynamic filters for your gallery by assigning multiple filters to one item, applying 30+ animations, and custom colors/borders/backgrounds

Filterable Photo Album

Customize your simple and album albums by adding multiple filters, titles, descriptions, featured images, and photo groups

Powerful Lightbox

Get the benefit of our state-of-the-art lightbox that is retina-ready, highly optimized, and responsive

4+ Pop Up Styles

Use pop-up styles to enhance a user's on-click experience. Our 4 unique styles are distinctive and highly creative

Dynamic Typography

You can customize the typography of filters, titles, and descriptions as per your liking

Unique Image URLs

It helps Google to index your pictures because each image has a unique URL & simply copy the URL and share any picture of your choice

Realtime Pop Up Preview

You will see everything in real-time while you create your gallery. Add a photo gallery to preview the detail page right up front instead of going back and forth

Download Image

Each image has a download button next to it. Where you can allow your clients/customers to download the images from the website with one click

Social Share

Use this feature to let your visitors instantly share your content, engage with your content, and increase traffic on the website via social shares

Pop Up Slide Show

Customize the setting of your pop-ups like the image download option and social share buttons. Let your visitors view your images in form of a slide show

100% Responsive

Our plugin looks great on all devices. Swipe to navigate, spread/pinch to zoom in/out is supported on all modern touch devices

Light Weight

This plugin is extremely lightweight and runs smoothly with any new Beaver Builder version

Regular Updates

We regularly update the platform, always looking for more user-friendly options that would make it easier for you to build world-class websites

No Backend. No Learning Curve. No Shortcode.

Experience The Most Advanced & Innovative

Filterable Gallery in The Market