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Team Carousel


How to create a slider for team members on our website using Team Carousel Module?

Yes, Xpro Addons for Beaver Builder provide the elegant option of a slider for Team Members in the Team Carousel Module. You have to opt for a few options to add a team carousel slider to your web page.
Step 1: Head over to the Team Carousel module setting in the Xpro Content Modules section.
Step 2: Drag and drop the Team Carousel module.
Step 3: Go to the General tab. Then, select the Style from the Dropdown menu for the Team Carousel and make changes for your Team Carousel in the Carousel Setting section.

Step 4: Go to the Team tab and add the Team Members. Then, add the team member Information, Photo, and Social Links from the Edit Team Member option.

Step 5: Now, go to the Style tab to make necessary changes for your Team Slider Styling from Image Type, Structure and Separator. Click the Save button once you are done.

Step 6: Finally, you will be displayed a Slider on your Web Page with all the information about your Team Members.

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