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Image Masking


Users these days are tired of seeing square and circled images. So, to make your web design stand out and more appealing than the others. You need to go out of the box. That is why we at Xpro have come up with an Image Masking widget that offers more than 55 different designs and shapes to make sure your web images become more interesting for site visitors. You can add a hue, saturation, and blur effects to your images. You can also apply appealing animations using this widget. Our Image Masking widget for Elementor supports all types of image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, and WEBP.

Can I get multiple options in Image Masking Shapes?

Yes, Xpro Addons for beaver builder provides a huge list of unique and elegant Image Masking Shapes options. You also have option to set the position of masking on an image. It’s just simple to implement Masking Shape on an Image:

Step 1: Go to Image Masking module setting in Xpro Media Modules section.
Step 2: Drag and drop Image Masking module.
Step 3: Go to General tab and add an Image from Media Library. Then, go to Masking section and select the Masking Shape from dropdown menu in Shapes section. Here, you will get a huge list of unique masking shapes for your image.

Step 4: Now, set the Position of Masking Shape from dropdown menu in position section. Here you have multiple positioning options for your image masking.

Step 5: Finally, Your Image would be displayed like this after implementing masking shape on it:

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