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Creative Table


How to add a photo or icon along with Table text using Creative Table Module?

Yes definitely, you can add photo or icon with table text using the Creative Table module with Xpro Addons for Beaver Builder by following a few steps:

Step 1: Open the Creative Table module setting in the Xpro Creative Modules section.
Step 2: Drag and drop the Creative Table module.
Step 3: Go to the Table Header tab and select the Yes option to enable the header. Then, move on to the Header Row and create the Header Items.

Step 4: After selecting Header Rows, click on the Edit Item for each item and enter Heading for your header in the General section then go to the style and structure section for color styles and other changes.

Step 5: Now, head over the Icon/Image tab, select the image type as Icon or Photo and select the photo or icon you want to add with your table text. Also, do the necessary changes for the icon or photo and click the Save button once you are done.

Step 6: To add an icon or photo with table body text, go to the Table Body tab and do the same process as you have done for Table Header. Click the save button after making changes.

Finally, you will be displayed your Table Text with icons and pictures and you can set the styles of your own choice.

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