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How to add auto resize the slider layout?

Yes, Multi-Layer Slider Module provides the option to Auto Resize the slider layout with both Full Screen and Full Width options. The Auto Resize option will auto-resize layers in responsive screens and the slider layer would adjust itself responsively according to that specific screen resolution. It resizes images and content according to screen resolution so it can fit on every screen and there are responsive options also for custom control on responsive devices.

To get the Auto Resize option, you have to follow a few steps:

Step 1: Go to the General tab and then, select the Auto Resize option to On from the dropdown menu in the Layout section. Make some other necessary changes according to your requirements and click the Save button once you are done.

Notify that the Auto Resize option has been built to work for only large screen resolutions (1920X1020) so make this option enable for large screen resolutions only as it would show notification for small screen sizes.

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