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How many slides we can create in a slider?

Xpro Multi-Layer Slider provides the option to create an unlimited number of slides in Pro Version and you can create only two slides in the Free Version. So, to create the slides in the Multi-Layer Slider module, you have to follow few steps:

Step 1: Open the Multi-Layer Slider module setting in the Xpro Advanced Modules section.
Step 2: Drag and drop the Multi-Layer Slider module.
Step 3: Go to the Slides tab and add the slides according to your Xpro Multi Slider Version (Pro or Free) by clicking on the Add Slide.

Step 4: Then, click on the Edit Slide to make multiple changes for Slides such as Label, Background Layout, Background Overlay and Slide Animation etc.

Step 5: You also have multiple options to select from layer setting section such as Layer Type, Layer Positioning, Animations, Parallax, and Visibility etc. Click the Save button after making changes.

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