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How to chose Gallery Layouts in Xpro Gallery Module?

Yes, you have multiple options for Gallery Layout in Xpro Gallery for Beaver Builder such as Grid, Masonry, Mosaic and Carousel. These all gallery layouts will display your gallery in different manners and features. You need to follow few steps for choosing gallery layout from Xpro Gallery setting:

Step 1: Open the Xpro Gallery for Beaver Builder module setting in the Xpro Advanced Modules section.
Step 2: Drag and drop the Xpro Gallery for Beaver Builder module.

Step 3: Go to the General tab and select the Layout option from dropdown menu in Gallery Layout section. Here, you will get four appealing layout options for your gallery.

Step 4: Now, go to the Gallery tab and add a photo group for your gallery by clicking on the Add Photo Group and then click on the Edit Photo Group for each gallery group.

Step 5: In the gallery’s Photo Group section, go to Media section and add the Title and Description for gallery album item and then select the Featured Image and Gallery Photos from Media Library. You can select multiple Gallery Photos but can select only one Featured Image for one Photo Group of your gallery. Click the Save button once you have done all other changes.

Step 6: Finally, refresh your gallery page and your gallery will be displayed on your screen with different layout styles like this:

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